Monday, April 15, 2013

Rebel Wilson on MTV Movie Awards 2013

Rebel Wilson made sure to share the sweet love when she passed the chocolate during her opening number at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

Wilson, who is known for her self-effacing humor and her memorable talk show appearances, will become the 24th celebrity to host in the award show's 21-year history. Prior hosts include the totally random likes of Lindsay Lohan, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Will Smith, and Jessica Alba. But, in more recent history MTV has opted for more traditionally funny folks like Sarah Silverman, Jason Sudeikis, Aziz Ansari, Andy Samberg and two-time hosts Jimmy Fallon and Mike Meyers.

Opening the 2013 MTV Movie Awards with a bang, the actress made her abundant curves the stars of the show as she switched between a clinging dominatrix-style get-up and a padded costume revealing a faux double nip-slip.

Rebel appeared to love every moment of her spirited performance at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California on Sunday.

Besides the AHmazing performances by Selena Gomez and Macklemore, some major actors were honored with eXXXtra special awards.

Rebel Wilson not only brought some HIGHlarious stints to the Sony Pictures Studios stage, but she was also one of the BIGGEST winners of the evening, along with Jamie Foxx and Bradley Cooper.

The hostess with the mostess at tonight's MTV Movie Awards arrived onto the scene wearing some sexy metal in her "Iron Mangina" suit.

But, what really caught our eye was her pink koala hoodie and matching sweats, which she later ripped off to reveal bootylicious black leather corset and leggings.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Farrah Abraham Tape Leaked!

The saga of the Farrah Abraham  video continues as she reportedly shops around for the best deal, despite claiming it was made purely for posterity.

A high school cheerleader turned single mother, Farrah Abraham is one of four young girls featured on the reality show Teen Mom.

Born May 31, 1992, the Iowa native welcomed daughter Sophia in February 2009. Her ex-boyfriend Derek Underwood died in a car accident two months before the Sophia was born.

Photographers spotted the 21-year-old as she posed in bikinis and swimsuits for the Poolside Collection bikini line on Sunday.After initially denying it existed at all, then trying to pass the Farrah Abraham porn off as a "sex tape," the Teen Mom star finally conceded that it's real.

She still claimed somehow that it was a tape that's just for her, to commemorate her 21-year-old hotness ... though she'd also sell it for a few million.

The former reality star has been making headlines, as it was first reported that a sex tape featuring Abraham was being shopped around. At first it sounded as though the tape had leaked, but Deen later confirmed that he filmed the tape with her on Sunday.

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American Idol: Candice Glover Gives Best Performance

This week, the remaining six American Idol singers each said a little prayer as they tried to deliver the goods on two themes: tunes by Burt Bacharach/Hal David and a song they wish they had written.

After an emotional cold open, host Ryan Seacrest said, “The fire inside our finalists is burning stronger than ever.”

 After witnessing Candice sing “Love Song,” it’s evident that her vocals are outstanding and no other contestant can possibly compare! Keith bowed down and Mariah threw glitter all over Candice after her performance. Even former contestants agree that Candice is a shining star!

Burnell Taylor, who was eliminated on April 5, tweeted on April 10, “Just Wanna Say I’m Extremely Proud Of You Bruh You Shining And Your Career? Is Gonna Be AMAZING I Can’t Wait Love You.”

But did birds suddenly appear as Lazaro Arbos attempted to croon one of The Carpenters' best-known songs on Wednesday night? And was Kree Harrison what the world needed now to erase Arbos’ two performances from the audience’s memories?

What Glover did on Wednesday night was nothing short of magic. Anyone who missed it -- I command you to go to YouTube and watch it. Then replay it. Then bookmark it. It was THAT good.

 Candice’s Vocals Are Incomparable Do you agree,? Will Candice win this season of American Idol?

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