Sunday, October 18, 2009

dante wesley hit

One of the most controversial moments of Week 6 of the NFL season came when Carolina Panther Dante Wesley hit Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Clifton Smith as he tried to return on a punt.

The hit was so unprovoked and completely early and useless that the Tampa Bay bench emptied with many players going after Dante Wesley. That prompted the Carolina bench to empty and the refs were lucky to break up the melee before it became violent over the Dante Wesley hit which you’ll see on the video.

The hit from Dante Wesley resulted in a brawl that only for the interjection of match officials didn’t end up turning into a full blown melee.

Tampa fans chanted, “Throw him out! Throw him out!” Indeed, refs gave the crowd what they wanted and ejected Wesley from the game.Here is the video of the Dante Wesley hit on Clifton Smith.

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