Monday, December 28, 2009

charlie sheen arrest

Details are emerging in the alleged domestic dispute that resulted in the Christmas Day arrest of Charlie Sheen in Aspen, CO.

"The Insider" has obtained the Aspen Police Department affidavit in support of warrantless arrest in which the police report that Sheen's wife Brooke Mueller claimed that "It's happened before" and that Sheen told the responding officer that Mueller threatened to divorce him and take the children.

Officer Rick Magnuson says Sheen told him that the couple began arguing at 3:30 in the morning, about five hours before a 911 call was placed, and that the catalyst of the argument stemmed from a song that Sheen shared with his daughter, "whom he fathered with another woman," and that Mueller "was jealous of this relationship with the daughter."

Mueller Said, Sheen held her down on a bed and threatened to cut her throat with a switchblade. "You better be in fear," she quoted Sheen. "If you tell anybody, I'll kill you."

According to the report, Mueller had red marks on the upper part of the front of her neck that she claimed were caused by Sheen and demonstrated how he held a knife to her throat on the bed and said that she feared for her life.

Following Sheen’s arrest, Judge James Boyd issued a temporary restraining order keeping the actor away from Mueller  . He faces possible charges including second degree assault, a class four felony; menacing, a class five felony; and criminal mischief, a class one misdemeanor.


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