Monday, August 17, 2009

Eric Dane And Rebecca Gayheart Caught In Threesome

Grey’s Anatomy’s Eric Dane, known as McSteamy by fans, has a really "good" tape! This is hot, because Eric Dane’s kind of sexy to be truthful. It’s also good to know that Rebecca Gayhart is still alive, and that Keri Ann Peniche is stayin’ into trouble.

Gawker has just released a sextape that features, not only Grey’s Anatomy actor Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart (Beverly Hills, 90210), but former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche too!

Released a few short hours ago, the video showcases the three “hanging out” (so to speak) in Kari’s Studio City apartment, nude and under the influence of some sort of drug.In the video (Gawker has a version with the naughty bits blurred out or covered), Kari fondles a naked Eric and they talk about their porn star names.

Eric Dane toys with with Cocaine Manor as a porn name. It has a ring to it, but they don’t sound like they’ve been snorting the white dust of angels, of it they have they’ve had a few dozen Vicodin chasers. In the end, Eric decides “Tuff Hedemen” is the porn name for them. Later, the two women get into the Jacuzzi bathtub together. They are all obviously inebriated and talk about being high.

Rebecca Gayhart hasn’t really done much with her life because get high, but she was the Noxema Girl from the ’90s. She should have applied for the Narcotics Girl position after her other contract dried up because she’s really been doing her research.

As to Kari Ann Peniche has a bit of a scandalous past, the former Miss Teen USA lost her crown in 2002 when she posed for Playboy. And that was just the start. More recently she was booted off Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab – where she was being treated for a sex addiction – after punching a cameraman, inviting drug dealers to the house and stealing money and personal belongings from her roommate. It is also rumored that she is a high-priced Hollywood Madam, a rumor that just might be true, as part of today’s sextape shows her taking down credit card information over the phone.

Way to go!! You bagged yourself some hotties.

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