Thursday, August 27, 2009

madonna booed

Never too far from controversy even as an established pop institution at age 51, Madonna was hit with a wave of boos at her concert in Bucharest, Romania.

A crowd of 60,000 people in Bucharest, Romania, began to boo Madge last night when she spoke out against discrimination against Gypsies in eastern Europe.
Madonna told the crowd the discrimination made her "very sad, especially because we don't believe in discrimination against anyone."

"We believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone, right? Gypsies, homosexuals, people who are different; everyone is equal and should be treated with respect, OK? Let's not forget that."

More power to her. It's all about human rights and being able to live life in peace. If a woman wants to date man, woman or child, that's a right!

The star, who's traveling with daughters Mercy and Lourdes, will next stop in Sofia, Bulgaria, Saturday night. Earlier this week, officials from the Orthodox Church encouraged fans to boycott the show due to Madonna's "disrespect" for their religious rituals.

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