Monday, May 17, 2010

justin bieber tattoo

Justin Bieber photos emerged showing him getting, and then sporting, a small tattoo on his torso or lower stomach or hip, whatever you call that part of body.

According to the photographic evidence, the tattoo is of a small bird in flight. And while Bieber's reps had not commented on the matter at press time, the agency that supplied the photo said the inking took place in March, the tattoo is part of a Bieber family tradition and that his dad, Jeremy Bieber, was alongside Justin when he got the ink at the Son of a Gun tattoo parlor in Toronto. The senior Bieber then "showed his approval by giving a thumbs-up when they posed for a photo with staff."

The Bieb was frolicking on the beach with some friends on Saturday and his low riding shorts revealed a tattoo on his left hip bone. Isn’t that prime skin real estate for tramp stamps? At least it is not a butterfly. It is actually a bird which all of his family have. Most of the Bieber fam has them on their wrists.

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