Tuesday, June 8, 2010

baby gaga video

Lady Gaga is known the world over -- but do you know "Baby Gaga"

In less than five days, Baby Gaga has gone viral on YouTube with roughly one million hits.The video features a cute little girl doing a parody of Lady Gaga’s Telephone.

There are a lot of angry comments on the video, and makers of the video and parents of the little girl are facing a lot of harsh remarks from the viewers.

It’s an issue made for morning TV. Oh, wait, it’s already made morning TV. We’d say it’s a slow day, but with action in the market and oil in the gulf, there’s plenty of real stuff to talk about. It’s worth noting that, after the fuss, the Baby Gaga video on YouTube is now set to private.

The mother of the girl in the video defends her daughter’s video by saying that there were no inappropriate scenes in the video. People who are objecting on the video say that for a three year old child it’s not suitable to perform acts like she did.

Here’s a look at the “Baby Gaga Controversy”.

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