Tuesday, July 7, 2009

michael jackson casket photo

With the Michael Jackson memorial having taken place today, a hot commodity is said to be the Michael Jackson memorial booklet program that memorial attendees received.

It was a celebration of life for pop legend Michael Jackson that had many tears shed and smiles on the faces of attendees and viewers worldwide. It was a beautiful service with the Michael Jackson casket taking center stage as celebrities, family and fans paid tribute to the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson Casket is very expensive and special design. The casket price is $25,000. Perhaps some of you ask why the price very expensive. The Batesville Casket Company has received order from family of Michael Jackson about the casket. Material of casket is different with usual casket. The material of the casket from 14 karat gold plated. The 14 karat of gold is reason why the Michael Jackson caskets so expensive.

In casket above the king of pop will buried. Base on news from several web, Michael will buried without his brain. The brain will to make sure what the cause of Jacko dead.

Now that the funeral and memorial service is over, the legacy of Michael Jackson will live on in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

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