Sunday, July 26, 2009

traci brooks playboy

TNA has signed a deal with Playboy to have their Knockouts pose for the magazine.

On his twitter page, Jeremy Borash teased that a TNA Knockout will pose for the Playboy magazine. Jason Powell of later announced that the Knockout who posed for Playboy was Traci Brooks.

Traci Brooks has done a photoshoot with Playboy. Traci Brooks appears at TNA Knockout, it seems the show is preparing for some great publicity as now they have added her back on a prominent role.

Brooks was given a spot in the Main Event Mafia last week on Impact, and this may be the reason as to why that was the case.

Christy Hemme, who returned to action at the same tapings after a recent injury, did also pose for Playboy when she was with WWE and is believed to be willing to do a second shoot for them.

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