Thursday, July 23, 2009

solange new haircut

The long-suffering sister of singer Beyonce has long resented the comparisons to the famous diva.

Solange Knowles, the slightly-less-well-known sister of Beyonce Knowles, still resents being compared to her famous big sister. At one point, she even joked that she would “go crazy like Britney” if people kept comparing her to Beyonce. Well, guess what? Looks like she went crazy like Britney.People apparently didn't heed her warning!

With her new haircut, Solange is channeling her inner Britney Spears in a big way. And by "haircut," we mean shaved head. We mean Solange is bald.

Solange went out on the town in L.A. sporting her new haircut yesterday. The 23-year-old completely shaved off her locks for a "low-maintenance" look.

Take a look at the photos below let us know what you think…

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