Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Irene Folstrom Defends Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods may have made mistakes as a husband to Elin Nordegren, but he wasn't always a bad boyfriend. At least that's what his college sweetheart Irene Folstrom claims in a new column for, stating that Tiger was a "great boyfriend" during their relationship.

Folstrom dated Woods for a year and a half while they were both attending Stanford University, and she swears she's not making any money off of defending him. She's just supporting an old friend.

She writes, "Like everyone else, I was shocked by the revelations about his infidelities. The Tiger I knew was loyal, devoted and self-­controlled. I’m not naive, but I can say with certainty that he was faithful during the time we dated. The speculation that he's being treated for sex addiction is surprising because we enjoyed a normal sexual relationship."

She made reference to spending time with Tiger's mother, and claims that they had a relatively normal sexual relationship. She also wrote that she could say "with certainty that he was faithful during the time we dated."

Although Tiger's behavior hasn't been much more deviant than many other celebrities or political figures, his transgressions led us down a path of conversation about sexual addiction and even comparisons to O.J. Simpson.

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