Monday, February 22, 2010

nastia liukin and evan lysacek

Is Nastia Liukin Evan Lysacek's girlfriend? It certainly sounded like it this morning, when People reported that the newly crowned men's figure skating gold medalist was dating Liukin, a gymnast and fellow gold medal winner.

The couple met in October 2008 in Rapid City, S.D., performing on the NBC special Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular and have dated since last summer.

"We became good friends and became really close since," says Lysacek, who attended the ESPYs with Nastia last July and things progressed from there.

However,last weekend Lysacek, who won a figure skating gold medal on Thursday, said something very different. "I'm single," he told ET. "I haven't had any time for dating while I'm training. I'm lonely."

Nastia was born on October 30, 1989 in Moscow, Russia. Her parents are Valeri And Anna Liukin, both of whom are former gymnasts and coaches. Nastia and her parents moved to the U.S when she was just two years old and she now lives in Parker, Texas.

Is it possible that feelings between the two gold medalists aren't mutual? A scan of their twitter pages reveals that the blonde gymnast has tweeted to Lysacek no less than seven times since the Vancouver Olympics began -- while the figure skater has mentioned her just once.

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