Monday, February 8, 2010

kendra wilkinson superbowl

Since the Saints won the Super Bowl, that means there must be a big loser. And there is. The Colts.

Kendra Wilkinson leaves the Super Bowl crying after her husband Hank Baskett dropped the ball. Baskett’s drop made it harder for the Colts to win, possibly even costing them the game.

 Wilkinson, 24, was photographed sobbing, but she wrote on Twitter that it wasn’t because of the “damn game”; it was because the paparazzi kept bothering her.

Kendra had big plans if the Colts won revealing, When the Colts win, theres gonna be a parade in Indianapolis, she told E! Were gonna hit up the parade and then have a lot of sex!

Hopefully Kendra wasn’t too upset to give her man some sympathy sex. Losers need love too!

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