Wednesday, February 17, 2010

vonn wins gold

Lindsey Vonn had high hopes for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and today wins Gold in the Ladies' downhill competition. Vonn found her gold medal reward on her first women's downhill run today, taking the gold medal along with USA teammate Julia Mancuso.

After several weather delays at Cyprus Mountain training picked up and Lindsey came out as the one to beat. However during the semi-final run, Lindsey Jacobellis "landed front foot on her binding making it super swirly," and by the time she she recovered she had already gone through the panels, disqualifying her again from competition.

“I dreamed about what this would feel like but it is much better in real life,” the 25-year-old Vonn said in a media conference of her gold medal win. “I got what I came here for -- a gold medal. I have what I want and I’ll just keep fighting every day.”

From today until next Friday, February 26, Vonn will take on four additional races in her quest for five gold medals on her neck. For more information, stay subscribed to up-to-date alerts here!

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