Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the bachelorette wes girlfriend

Episode 7 of “The Bachelorette” on June 29, was an affair of many ’surprises’. Ed made a comeback on the show (and Jillian is not complaining). Jake paid Jillian a surprise visit at her hotel, when she is visiting Wes’ hometown in Texas and told her that Wes Hayden has a girl friend whose name is Laura. The news saddened and hurt her considerably going by the fact that Jillian Harris is down to her final four guys and the decision gets tougher each day.

The country singer from Texas Wes Hayden joined The Bachelorette to jump start his music career. Rumors are now swirling that Wes has a girlfriend of three or four years.

Although this is still unconfirmed, I'm not really surprised to learn that Wes has a girlfriend. Besides his questionable intentions towards this seasons' love searcher, Jillian Harris, he seems like the kind of guy who will break your heart.

Wes is 32, after all, and is too old for mainstream singing competitions such as American Idol, though he could still try out for Nashville Star.

Wes' story actually has a "DeAnna Pappas" ring to it. The fourth season of The Bachelorette also featured Graham, a contestant who was rumored to have a girlfriend when he came on the show.

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