Sunday, June 14, 2009

demi moore bush picture

Demi Moore Bush pictures are back in the news last two days. A Demi Moore Bush picture might make one believe at first that Demi Moore met with President Bush somehow. But there is a cruder meaning to a Demi Moore Bush picture, of course.

Apparently Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central posted a video on a popular video sharing site asking people to search for “Demi Moore Bush”, actually “Demi Moore George Bush picture”, but leave out the George.

When searching for this term, the first result that comes up is a webpage called "Downtown Alleys" with an article called "Demi Moore has a huge bush" The picture was posted in 2005, and is a picture of Demi Moore from the 1980's, with one breast exposed, as well as full frontal exposure as well.

Demi Moore is no stranger to nudity or having fans see her nude, since she seemed to get naked at some point for half her films while she was a big star in the 90's. But it wasn't usually to this extent, and didn't reveal quite so much as what this picture from the 80's did.

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