Monday, June 15, 2009

letterman apologizes

Just when you thought Sarah Palin is gone, she’s back in the news.

The Alaskan governor is back in the news as she responds to David Letterman’s jokes he made about her and her 18-year old daughter, Bristol, during a recent episode of “The Late Show.”

On Wednesday night, Letterman gave an apology to Pallin and Bristol. He even went as far as inviting them over to his show.

Mr. Letterman opened the desk portion of his show with the apology in which he said he wanted to say he was sorry to “to the two daughters involved, Bristol and Willow, and also to the governor and her family and everybody else who was outraged by the joke.”

“The Palins have no intention of providing a rating’s boost for David Letterman by appearing on his show,” said a spokesperson from the Palin to Fox News. “Plus, it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman.”

One of the jokes Governor Palin is furious over is Letterman describing Palin’s dress as her “slutty flight attendant look” in his Top Ten List. Earlier, he joked about her daughter Bristol, saying she was “knocked up” by Alex Rodriguez during the seventh inning of the Yankees game. Palin the younger was in New York for an autism awareness event.

Last week Mr. Letterman somewhat defiantly said that there was a misperception going on and he would never make a sexually charged joke about a 14-year old. But he never expressly explained that he had inadvertently confused the two Palin daughters.

During his apology, Letterman made it very clear that “I would never, never make jokes about raping or having sex of any description with a 14-year-old girl. I don’t think it’s funny. I would never think it was funny.”

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