Tuesday, June 23, 2009

john and kate plus 8 announcement

In Monday's "big announcement" episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the couple says, "we're separating."

In a much-promoted episode of the hit series Monday night, Jon and Kate Gosselin, the parents of eight children, announced in separate interviews they were separating; seconds later, text appeared on a black screen to add that the couple had decided to "legally dissolve" their 10-year marriage. The children will stay in the house, the couple said, and Jon and Kate will switch off living there.

Kate Gosselin says that Jon has a lot of anger toward her. She says Jon won't talk to her, and she doesn't know if he realizes the repercussions of the decisions he's making today.

In a separate interview, Jon Gosselin admits that he and Kate have not been communicating very well. He says some things are going on, but, "we're there for our kids."

And the show, apparently, will go on. TLC executives declined to comment Monday, but the Gosselins had committed to a full season of 40 episodes and indicated they would continue allowing camera crews access to film the family's life, just not with Mom and Dad there together.

Before the recent strife, they were just a couple trying to manage a set of twins and rambunctious sextuplets. The combination of his cool and calm demeanor and her sometimes controlling and overly organized personality were first seen on the one-hour special "Surviving Sextuplets and Twins" on Discovery Health in 2006. Its success eventually led to the TLC series. It centered mostly on the couple's home life in Pennsylvania and the idiosyncrasies involved with raising a gaggle of children.

Both Jon and Kate have been plagued by rumors of infidelity in recent weeks -- he with a 23-year-old teacher and she with her bodyguard. Added to the turmoil was an investigation by the Pennsylvania Labor Department into the show's possible violation of child labor laws, an allegation TLC has denied.

People.com reported Monday that Jon and Kate Gosselin have filed for a divorce.The report claims papers were filed around 5 p.m. at the Bucks County Courtroom in Pennsylvania.
Reports claim Jon is moving to New York.

The season premiere drew 9.8 million viewers, more than twice as many as had watched the fourth-season finale. But ratings for subsequent episodes have cooled, with last week's installment attracting only 2.9 million viewers.

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