Tuesday, November 9, 2010

50 Cent Teams Up With Keenan Cahill

Keenan Cahill is already an Internet sensation with a string of ‘hit’ videos featuring him lip syncing to some of today’s biggest hits. Last night the 15-year-old stopped by Chelsea Lately to show off his skills with the help of rapper 50 Cent and to spend a little time hitting on the host.

This time, he's lip-syncing "Down On Me," the Jeremih single featuring 50 Cent. Cahill, the adorably earnest Chicago youngster, mouths Jeremih's lines, and then a special guest drops in for 50's verse: 50 himself. . All they had to do was let the camera do its magic, and now Cahill is probably the coolest kid at his school. At one point, 50 Cent even lets Cahill swag with his chain necklace on, which Cahill later admitted to Chelsea Handler was awfully heavy.

The multi-platinum rapper has to bend down to fit in the frame with the glasses-wearing 15-year-old. But the two dance around young Keenan's room, and 50 even drops some ice on his neck toward the end of the video.

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