Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tony Parker Mistress

Tony Parker's alleged mistress Erin Barry offered some sort of comment Wednesday to address the rumors that nearly crashed the internet.

TMZ first broke the story on Tuesday that Parker filed for divorce in Texas, then Eva Longoria followed, and filed divorce papers in L.A.

Speaking through her brother, Barry told she has "no comment" on the matter.
The wife of Brent Barry, Parker's former teammate with the San Antonio Spurs, is reportedly going through a divorce of her own.

As for what exactly led to the breakup of Parker and Eva Longoria, neither side has spoke out on the issue and likely won't until the divorce is finalized.

Reports say Eva Longoria filed for divorce from husband Tony Parker after she discovered text messages of Erin Barry, wife and soon-to-be ex-wife of Tony Parker’s former NBA teammate Brent Barry.

It all began Wednesday after Sports Illustrated's Bryan Armen tweeted he had it on "good authority" that Barry was involved in an affair with Parker.

Until then, the rumors will continue to fly.

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