Monday, November 29, 2010

leslie nielsen dead

Leslie Nielsen died Sunday afternoon in a Fort Lauterdale, Fla. hospital, according to

The 84-year-old Canadian actor was named an honorary West Virginian in February 2002 by Gov. Bob Wise. He made many visits to the Mountain State, including a 2004 trip to Marshall University in Huntington.

Leslie Nielsen's life as an actor was hard not to take seriously, no matter how spoof-laden his filmography. The man's ability to jump from comically somber to completely slapstick, and his host of memorable lines, scenes, and films, is a legacy that will carry long past his death at age 84.

In 2001, Nielsen visited Charleston to promote a series of educational games from Microsoft. He also appeared in some West Virginia Lottery advertisements.

Nielsen's best-known roles were in the 1980 film "Airplane!" and "The Naked Gun" series of movies.

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