Wednesday, February 18, 2009

danny gokey wife

Sophia Gokey is the wife of Danny Gokey that was made famous and controversial in American Idol Season 8 for auditioning 4 weeks after his wife’s death.Danny Gokey is competing in American Idol season 8. His wife Sophie Gorkey died a month before his audition. Let us get to know more about Sophia Gokey and why she is much loved. Well, Sophia Gokey is the great inspiration behind Danny Gokey and Sophia’s Heart Foundation.

Daniel Gorkey is from Milwaukee where he is a music teacher and choir leader for Faith Builders International Ministries. His wife, Sophie, had encouraged him to audition for American Idol. How did Danny Gokey’s wife die? Tragically, at age 27 Sophie Gokey died duriing surgery in July 2008. She had a congenital heart condition.

Both his musical talent and his moving life story have made Danny Gokey an American Idol favorite. He delivered an emotionally powerful rendition of Mariah Carey’s signature hit “Hero” in the February 17, 2009 semi-finalists telecast.

As a biography, Sophia Linnette Gokey was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Aug. 16, 1980 and lived in there throughout her life. Her birth name was Sophia Linnette Martinez and she was the daughter of Juan and Ana Martinez. Her surviving siblings are Lissette (Cory) Quantance, Damaris Martinez and Margarita (Ivan) Santiago.Sophia L. Gokey died on July 9, 2008 in surgery. Her husband, Danny Gokey has set up a foundation in her memory; Sophia’s Heart Foundation (SHF) The foundation’s mission is to make a positive impact on students’ lives through a Music and Arts Program, which will donate musical instruments to children and youth who are unable to afford them and the Sophia L. Gokey Scholarship Fund which will donate $1,000 scholarships to high school students who face challenges in pursuing their dreams. The foundation has a Web site:
Sophia Gokey was a happy person and always on the go despite her health condition. Regardless of Sophia Gokey’s heart problem, she always remained an optimist. Sophia was 27 years old when she passed away but her footprints remains as his husband, Danny Gokey of American Idol Season 8, establishes a foundation after his wife’s life. Sophia Gokey remains alive in the hearts of many as Danny Gokey raised the Sophia’s Heart Foundation. Danny Gokey founded this in his wife’s love for children which they never realized.

Sophia Gokey was a loving wife and a person with a good heart. During her life, Sophia constantly find ways to bestow her love for children touched by poverty and illness. Thanks to Sophia Gokey’s kind heart, the foundation’ vision can now reach a larger population of oppressed children.