Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sharon stone dress

Attention deprived actress Sharon Stone set tongues wagging at the Oscars Sunday night with a dress that was more than a little bit revealing.

The Oscars was a night for celebrities to show their stuff, especially actress Sharon Stone. Did anyone get a good look at her dress? Unlike Beyonce's wardrobe malfunction you didn't need an extreme close-up to get a good look at the Sharon Stone's nipples in her sheer Oscar dress.Stone’s Oscars dress was sheer black and lace, and Stone wasn’t wearing a bra.

It's like there's a pair of owl's eyes staring right at me. Did Sharon Stone realize her Oscar dress was this sheer? With all the people helping her prepare for Oscar night, how could she not know? Unless they hate her. I sniff a publicity stunt. Sharon Stone has a new movie coming out in April. Is this her lame attempt to hype herself to get some press? After all, no publicity is bad publicity.

How do we know she wasn’t wearing a bra? well every picture taken of her at an after party clearly shows her surgically enhanced breasts right down to the nipple.