Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kate Micucci set to play 'Scrubs' role

Kate Micucci is trading in her prized puppets for a pair of hospital "Scrubs."

The 1998 Nazareth Area High School graduate-turned-actress/musician/puppeteer will appear in a new arc of the ABC comedy. She'll portray the love interest of frazzled hospital lawyer Ted.

The first episode, titled "My Lawyer's in Love," will air at 9:30 p.m. tonight.

Micucci recently chatted with Exposed from the shores of Miami; discussing her "Scrubs" role, playing with puppets and more.

The Nazareth native also appeared in the short-lived TV show "Four Kings" and will appear in the upcoming films "When in Rome" and "The Last Hurrah."

PHOTOS! Here are pictures of the hot Kate Micucci. Kate Micucci is Stephanie Gooch on Scrubs’ “My Lawyer’s in Love” tonight with that ukulele.

“My Lawyer’s in Love” It takes a village to help Ted take the first step when he falls in love at first sight with a ukulele player. Meanwhile, Perry learns the hard way that he simply can’t handle everything on his plate, on “Scrubs,” TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3 (9:30-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

“Scrubs” stars Zach Braff as J.D., Sarah Chalke as Elliot Reid, Donald Faison as Chris Turk, John C. McGinley as Dr. Perry Cox, Judy Reyes as Carla Espinosa, Ken Jenkins as Dr. Bob Kelso and Neil Flynn as the Janitor.

Guest starring in this episode are Sam Lloyd as Ted, Christa Miller as Jordan, Andrew Miller as Jack, Aziz Ansari as Ed, Kate Micucci as Stephanie, Blair Williamson as Craig, George Miserlis as Crispin, Paul Perry as Randall and Philip McNiven as Roy.

“My Lawyer’s in Love” was written by Debra Fordham and directed by Mark Stegemann.

Episodes of “Scrubs” are available on ABC.com the day after airing on the network for users to watch online.