Friday, February 6, 2009

Jessica Simpson Had a 'Rough Week'

After more than a week of battling body bullies and fashion critics, Jessica Simpson showed off her figure in a tiny pair of Daisy Duke-style short-shorts onstage in Grand RapidsThursday night.

But Simpson – who seemed nervous and tentative at times – told the crowd of 15,000 that it had been "a rough week."

At one point in the show she said, "You definitely have to confront everything you go through."

Though the singer thanked fans last week for their support, the stress of the recent scrutiny may have also taken a physical toll on Simpson, who frequently sipped from a mug during the 40-minute set.

Simpson, who was the opening act for the country trio Rascal Flatts, stopped singing during one of her songs and asked to start it over.

Supports from fanatic fans

The audience didn't seem to mind. Shouts of "We love you, Jessica," followed her as she finished her performance and exited the stage.

"She looked very nervous,She just seemed very shy, but I think she picked a good selection of songs. I loved her CD. It's fun and girly" said fan Tanja Barunovic, 22.

Another fan, Ellen Simons, 16, of Grand Rapids, said, "She looked very healthy. I think she is more of a healthy skinny now, rather than skinny-skinny. Celebrities, if they gain five pounds, they are under the worst pressure. It's just not fair to them."