Wednesday, March 4, 2009

adam lambert kissing

This is totally distracting. It seemed like yesterday when Adam Lambert got this much praise on American Idol, with his performance of that Rolling Stones track compelling Randy Jackson to compare him to Twilight's Robert Pattinson. And, as he found himself a spot on the Top 12, people online started wondering whether he could be the “next Edward Cullen,” probably because of his looks, and probably because of his singing, although his voice is obviously much screechier than Robert's.

And then, boom—photos of him kissing other guys come out. I'm sorry, but I think those people have lost themselves future vampire material.

The blogosphere has been buzzing over photos of the theater queen—I mean veteran—macking with another dude. The photos surfaced on internet and several outlets have picked up the story, breathlessly wondering if Lambert is gay. Well, he did choose Cher’s “Believe” as one of the first songs to sing. I’m just saying.

Anyway, in several photos Lambert’s dressed very much like David Bowie circa his Ziggy Stardust days. Another shows him in drag. Other photos show him glamming it up at the annual Burning Man event in the California desert. The guy he’s with has been identified only as Brad, and the couple already are being called “Bradam.”

This definitely doesn't qualify as an “Idol” scandal, no matter how much some sites, like one that calls the photos “depravity,” might claim it does. Seriously, who hasn't dressed in drag or kissed a boy? I say go for it. Hopefully Lambert will let it all hang out in his performances as well. I just hope voters don't get their shorts in a twist over this. The competition's about singing, not mingling.

Another Lambert rumor is more troubling, though. Celeb news site GossipSauce claims Lambert and judge Randy Jackson were spotted having dinner at Hollywood eatery Katsuya last Tuesday, the night before Lambert sang for his Top 12 spot. Jackson’s publicist shot down the report as “absolutely untrue.”

“Randy did not have dinner with Adam Lambert,” the publicist told Entertainment Weekly. “He ran into him as he was leaving the restaurant.”

I'll keep my eye open for updates on this news, but it seems to have been put to bed already.


Anonymous said...

Im still extremely dissappointed. This is what im idolising as a teen? I dont think so!!!