Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miley Cyrus: No More Hannah Montana Movies

Miley Cyrus wants to return to the big screen. Just not as Hannah Montana.

"I feel like this is a TV show. and we got really lucky with having the material to make one movie," she said Monday at a press conference for Hannah Montana: The Movie (out April 10). "To do another one, I feel like it takes away the reality of it all."

But she would love to keep her alter ego on television.

"We are continuing to do season three, and we all wish to do a season four, and I would love to do that if the time is right and if that's what everyone agrees on," she said. "I don't know if I would do another film, but I would love to do another season. I think that would be what we would all agree on."

This summer, she begins shooting a movie that Notebook author Nicholas Sparks wrote especially for her. Sparks has been simultaneously writing a novel (due this fall), from which the screenplay is adapted.

"You never really hear that the movie was written before the book," said Cyrus, 16. "It's kind of a weird way to do that. But he wrote the movie before he wrote the book, and he wrote it with me in mind."

Although the movie is under wraps, it deals with family and love issues.

"I've always been lucky to play parts that relate to me -- and this doesn't at all," Cyrus said of her upcoming role. "I have my issues, but not as bad as this chick! I am happy to play someone who is just kind of out there and not someone that I am like."

She said she also looks forward to seeing "if I'm a good actress or not, or if I'm just good at playing myself."

Asked what kids should do if they're torn between pursuing an acting dream or going to college, Cyrus joked, "I say 'do it.' Be a freak. Go to Hollywood."

Miley Cyrus dishes on 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' love interest, Lucas Till

Miley Cyrus is still hanging out with her older man/underwear model, Justin Gaston.

Lucas-till First, Lucas confesses to the Dish Rag that he was all nervous when he auditioned for the role but was relieved when Miley turned out to be just a normal girl.


"I'm the coolest!" Cyrus shouts in her own defense at the film's press conference at the Four Seasons on Monday.

Then she freely spills the dirt on how they had to use CGI, hair and makeup to make Lucas look hotter than he really is and thank heavens for voice-overs for all his lines.

Kidding! Miley has NO filter! Isn't it ADORABLE?

But who was her good male friend who auditioned for the love-interest role who costarred with her when she had a small role in Tim Burton's "Big Fish?

The one she loves so muuuuch but she didn't want to kiss?

We're not naming names, but we think it's one of these dudes...

Whoever he is, he will forever be known as the guy MIley Cyrus didn't want to get all gooey with in "HMTM."

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