Thursday, March 5, 2009

Demetrius Spencer spending time with Murphy???

Now Michael Strahan has reportedly bugged girlfriend Nicole Murphy. Demetrius Spencer reportedly has been spending time with Murphy.

Demetrius Spencer was part of a photo spread in 2004 for what else, a fairy tail wedding! His wedding at Los Angeles / Pacific Palisades Bel Air Bay Club was photographed by In Style Weddings in 2004 which wrote:

After several years of drifting apart since they were introduced by a mutual friend, Lisa Coffey and Demetrius Spencer found themselves happily reunited without the slightest chance of ever being separated from each other again. It took just one kiss to create some lasting sparks between them and almost as instantly as they fell in love, Lisa and Demetrius became engaged at Two Bunch Palms Resort in Palm Springs. They took their time as an engaged couple, however, and spent two years enjoying a new phase of their relationship that included planning for the wedding celebration of their dreams.

So much for that, reports FOX News today:

But Murphy was also involved in a relationship with Universal Records A&R exec Demetrius Spencer.

Introduced by a mutual pal, Murphy had been “hiding” her affection for Spencer from Strahan “for almost a year,” the sources said.

Another report broke earlier today by LALATE claims Nicole Murphy and Demetrius Spencer were dating on the side.

Michael Stranhan, reportedly accused of bugging his ex wife in 2006, now according to the report bugged Nicole Murphy’s Los Angeles swanky car.

The reported discovery of the bugging device was made by who? A local Los Angeles Range Rover dealer. Oh, the mechanics had to go and ruin everything!
Claims the report in the NY Post:

hings came to a head Feb. 20, after Spencer and Murphy took her Range Rover to a luxury dealership in Thousand Oaks, Calif.. Mechanics quickly discovered the tracking apparatus.

Oh boy!

Nicole Murphy caught between Michael Strahan & Demetrius Spencer: Murphy, Strahan, Spencer

Nicole Murphy has a relationship with Michael Strahan and Demetrius Spencer. The pretty model Murphy is the ex wife of Eddie Murphy. Strahan is a former New York Giant footballplayer. Spencer is an executive, of Universal Records A & R.

Murphy and Strahan have been dating since 2007.Murphy’s 5 kids from her marriage with Eddie Murphy like Strahan. Things became complicated when Murphy met Spencer about 1 year ago and started dating him. Murphy and Spencer have been traveling away on business trips.

The New York Post has copies of email correspondence between Murphy and Spencer. Murphy wrote she would confess to Strahan. However, Murphy may be having second thoughts about it as she also wrote that her children were growing closer to Strahan.
Strahan had installed a tracking device in Murphy’s car. Murphy located it and he was mad at being outed


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