Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ayla brown american idol

Meet Ayla Brown, Scott Brown’s daughter, basketball player and former Idol contestant.

Ayla Brown, Scott Brown’s daughter, no doubt is beaming with pride for her father, as the Massachusetts senator is in a very close race for the U.S. Senate seat against Martha Coakley in today’s Special Election.

She could sing for sure, but her stiff, serious stage manner, and the perception  that she was a spoiled kid with a silver spoon in her mouth did her in.Ayla was shut out of the Top 12 during the last week of the semi-finals when Melissa McGhee came out of nowhere to take a spot in the Top 12.

She was born on July 28, 1988 (so her age is 21) in Wrentham, Massachusetts.These days, Ayla plays basketball on scholarship for Boston College, has released two albums of music, and sings at various functions around town here in Boston.

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