Tuesday, May 5, 2009

danny gokey dream on

‘American Idol’ contestant Danny Gokey picked the Aerosmith classic Dream On to sing on tonight’s rock show

Even some of his family and friends seemed to be trying to figure it out when the camera went to them. That final “note” (making the quote fingers here) he sang/screamed was beyond horrendous.

It's a bit boring at the start, like he's looking so earnest and almost little-boyish. Come on Danny, unleash the inner rock star! Launches into the chorus, it's still not dangerous and almost out-of-control like the best rock stars -- it all seems practiced and controlled. Vocally even, in addition to the usual robotic Danny performance.

Randy says it was all right, but an A+ for a valiant effort. Kara says a bit too far with the swagger and edge, but likes to see risk and growth. Paula just says she's a big fan of his, not my favorite choice of song, gives him an A++ for going with it.

Simon says the last note was like "watching a horror movie," over-the-top. But Simon still thinks he's going to be safe.

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