Friday, May 8, 2009

Rihanna Nudie Pictures Leaked!

Do good girls go bad now? Well Rihanna is trying to put her life back after her battered life episode until this Rihanna pics leaked was exposed!

Rihanna is currently facing a nude photo scandal.Rhanna had some naked pictures that surfaced on the web on Friday May 8,where the singer is showing off all of her goodies.

I do not think that Rihanna knows about this but some reports said that this might be the fault of her former boyfriend. Well we still do not know and we do not have the right to point fingers at anyone.

It was said to be taken on using a Blackberry at a London Hotel room. It says in the mirror “I love you Robyn I miss you”, Robyn is Rihanna’s real name.

In one photo Chris Brown can be seen wearing Rihanna’s panties on his head.

To see more photo, click here

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Naked Rihanna Pictures Leaked