Sunday, May 10, 2009

halle berry baby pictures

Finally, a great look at Halle Berry's baby Nahla! Halle has been very private with her daughter since Nahla's birth last March including skipping the baby photo sales game. Instead, the little one made her public debut at the Los Angeles Zoo on Saturday with Halle and her mom Judith.

The trio took a ride around to see the animals, though Nahla seemed more interested in her toy than any of the wildlife. Talk about a beautiful baby and Halle couldn't look happier enjoying the Summer afternoon with three generations of women in their family.

Halle wasn’t all that happy to see the cameras and started throwing the cameras looks that could kill. She was putting up her hands and well, just wanted them to go away. Can you blame her?No. But, I must say that this is the price of fame. If you don’t want to deal with it, order in. Have someone deliver your lunch. Don’t go places you know the paps will see you in. Am I wrong?

The 42 year old actress was named Sexiest Woman Alive in October 2008 by Esquire magazine.

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