Wednesday, May 6, 2009

gwen stefani no doubt on American Idol

It’s good to see Gwen Stefani and her wife-beater with the bra straps showing back with the fellas.

No Doubt next to perform on American Idol, doing "Just a Girl." Gwen Stefani's not lip-synching, it's a raw, real performance even after all these years. Crowd's reallly into it; I'd say it's one of the better Wednesday performances we've had.

They perform “I’m Just a Girl,” and Gwen’s voice seems to have matured from the early years. Not sure why she felt compelled to do some push-ups, but I get that her body is still sick after two babies.

I think her vocals might have sounded better if she didn’t feel the need to run all over the place. Still, it was fun in a comic-book kind of way.

Ryan is so cheeky with his “Hi babe” to Gwen. I’m excited that No Doubt is going on tour. I’m just a fan!

Watch the video below:

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