Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Danny Gokey Eliminated

It was down to a trio of contestants who performed Tuesday night on the FOX reality show American Idol. Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert entertained viewers with two songs apiece and then it was up to America to decide who would be sent home.

After 88 million votes, it’s going to be Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in the finale. After the votes were tabulated, it was Danny Gokey who was eliminated . He took the stage and performed an emotional rendition of You Are So Beautiful, bringing tears to the eyes of judges Kara and Paula.

Gokey, 29, a widowed church music director from Wisconsin, had until this week been one of the leading vote-getters among viewers this season.Danny lost his wife Sophia 10 months ago when she died of complications following heart surgery. It was just three weeks later when he first auditioned for American Idol.

According to Simon, the finale should be a “ding dong” of an affair. Without making us consult our British-to-English dictionaries, Simon informed us that it was a good thing.

However, before we got to any results of American Idol 2009 top 2, we got to see footage of each of the Top 3’s visits to their hometown. I don’t know what it is about this part, but I always get teary eyed when I watch the contenders deal with their new found fame at home.

The Top 3 journeyed back to their hometowns for a love fest. Danny to Milwaukee, Kris to Conway, Arkansas and Adam to San Diego. Touching video footage showed frenzied fans at rallies and parades.

Then Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks returned to the Idol stage to sing “Battlefield.” It doesn’t seem like it’s been two years since Jordin was awaiting her fate on the stage. I thought she looked beautiful and sounded great. But I have to wonder if she was in this year’s pool of contestants, would she still have won?

Finally we heard Katy Perry singing her new single, “Waking Up in Vegas.” This performance is my first exposure to the colorful singer and I didn’t think it was half bad. And judging from her cape, she’s an Adam fan. I will be pulling for Kris next week, but regardless of who wins the American Idol 2009 finale we should be in store for one spectacular show.

Check out your American Idol Season 8 Top 2 below, Katy Perry performance video, Danny Gokey You Are So Beautiful first video is from tonight, second video is his performance from Tuesday night.

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