Wednesday, May 13, 2009

danny gokey you are so beautiful

Danny Gokey chose to sing “You Are So Beautiful” which was originally made famous by Joe Cocker. After losing his wife, I can’t believe that he can sing these super emotional songs. I thought his voice sounding so amazing and I loved the arrangement. I think that was my favorite performance by Danny this season.

Wow, what a great choice. It totally fits the tone of his voice. He and Adam Lambert generally pick good songs. Man, this is super, super cheesy; everything is totally drawn out, a lot of emotion in his voice.

I can't help it though, it's a great song, and he adds some nice little vocal runs in there -- I like it. Very sincere, Gokey's fans are gonna love this. Heck of a nice finish, too. A bit artificial in that you can tell everything is practiced and planned, but that doesn't mean it's not effective.
Randy said that he loved that Danny showed that he’s in the competition because he can really, really, really sing. Kara said that it was stunning and amazing. Paula said that they were left breathless by the performance and that by changing the song’s structure he made it beautiful. Simon said that it was a vocal master class. Wow!

Judges comments on Dance Little Sister:
Randy - Let the games begin!
Kara - I did not like the dancing
Paula - You did (dancing) really good
Simon - Toy saxophone solo was not good

Judges comments on You are so Beautiful:
Randy - You can really really really sing
Kara - That was stunning
Paula - It was a beautiful performance
Simon - That was a vocal masterclass
Afterwards Danny says he just did what he did best, didn't overanalyze everything.

Good luck Danny! Good luck Vote for the Worst!

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