Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Helen Phillips wins 'The Biggest Loser'

Father and son Ron Morelli and Mike Morelli, the last remaining team, fell below the yellow line in the final weigh-in in The Biggest Loser Couples 2 Episode 18. America’s vote will save one of them and put him in the final three with Tara Costa and Helen Phillips.

The Biggest Loser live three hour 2009 season 8 finale is airing now on NBC. While the viewers are waiting to crown the Biggest loser 2009 season finale winner, according to one poll Tara may become the winner this time.

During tonight's The Biggest Loser 2009 Finale the third finalist will be revealed and the season 8 Biggest loser winner will be Crowned. Keep in mind that the show is TV-PG rated.
The first order of business is to find out who America voted for. Unsurprisingly, America has picked Mike. He looks like he’s down around 50%, so he should prove to be stiff competition. Now that we’ve found that out, we know the final three, and one of them will be The Biggest Loser season 7 winner.

Meanwhile,According to Zap2it Poll 60 percent of the voters think that Tara will be the Biggest Loser winner of the 2009 Finale. Helen comes third in the poll with 5 percent and Ron is the 4th with only 1 percent voting chance to be the winner of The Biggest Loser 2009.

The Biggest Loser is even very popular in Canada and many people are watching the show from across the border. Sanling_Shines Twits about watching the Biggest Loser and wishing there was a Canadian version. "But our trainers would probably be too polite," she continues.
Over 166,000 people pledged their weight loss to support the Pound for Pound Challenge. In total, they pledged 2.9 million pounds so far. Continuing this project, for every pound pledged this summer, General Mills will donate one pound of food up to 1 million pounds.

So who do you think is the winner???

Helen Phillips was crowned the biggest loser on the seventh seven finale of NBC’s hit weight loss show “The Biggest Loser.”

Helen lost a total of 140 pounds during her six months on the show and looked amazing in a sexy, hot pink dress she couldn’t stop showing off.

The show began with a look back at all the ups and downs of the season. I’m sure it brought up a lot of strong emotions for the contestants because it brought up a lot of strong emotions for me. I was in tears by the time they reached the marathon. It is just amazing to see how far everyone has come.

The Final Numbers

Estella – Current Weight: 159 lbs; Total Lost: 83 lbs
Jerry – Current Weight: 192 lbs; Total Lost: 177 lbs

Damien – Current Weight: 245 lbs; Total Lost: 136 lbs
Nicole – Current Weight: 146 lbs; Total Lost: 123 lbs

Sione – Current Weight: 226 lbs; Total Lost: 146 lbs
Filipe – Current Weight: 229 lbs; Total Lost: 135 lbs

Carla – Current Weight 251 lbs; Total Lost: 128 lbs
Joelle – Current Weight: 229 lbs; Total Lost: 80 lbs

Blaine – Current Weight: 249 lbs; Total Lost: 116 lbs
Dane – Current Weight: 258 lbs; Total Lost: 154 lbs

Mandi – Current Weight: 171 lbs; Total Lost: 92 lbs
Aubrey – Current Weight: 194 lbs; Total Lost: 55 lbs

Cathy – Current Weight: 198 lbs; Total Lost: 95 lbs
Kristin – Current Weight: 193 lbs; Total Lost: 167 lbs

David – Current Weight: 350 lbs; Total Lost: 43 lbs
Daniel – Current Weight: 312 lbs; Total Lost: 142 lbs

Laura – Current Weight: 199 lbs; Total Lost: 86 lbs
Tara – Current Weight: 130 lbs; Total Loss: 155 lbs

Shanon – Current Weight: 191 lbs; Total Loss: 92 lbs
Helen – Current Weight: 117 lbs; Total Loss: 140 lbs (54.47 percent)

Ron – Current Weight: 239 lbs; Total Loss: 192 lbs
Mike – Current Weight: 181 lbs; Total Loss: 207 lbs

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