Tuesday, April 7, 2009

adam lambert mad world

Adam Lambert closes down American Idol, born in 1982; says he loved playing dress-up, being a performer, gettting attention.

Lambert was born in 1982, the year of “E.T.” and “Gandhi,” when the average annual income was $21,000 and the average cost of a new house was $82,000. It was also the year of “Mad World” and Adam’s haunting, stripped-down version is destined to be a goth anthem for the Millennials.

Either way, it literally ends with Adam Lambert. He closed out Tuesday’s “songs from the year they were born” show with "Mad World."

I love this song (yeah, mostly from the Gears of War commercial). Adam's singing it pitch-perfect; sitting on a box, lights down, stripped down and just pouring out the lyrics. He's making this a tender, vulnerable song; this is going to stick in everyone's mind.

Then he just nails the chorus; wow. Audience is just screaming throughout. Mad vocal skills, yo.

Give him credit, he knows his audience. Even without the spiky hair and makeup, he’s still Mr. Emo, singing straight to his fans. I love this look. I’m consistently more interested in the scaled-back Adam. For me, this performance ranks with “Tracks of My Tears.” Still not so into the screamy meamy stuff like “Ring of Fire” and “Play That Funky Music.”

Simon says "words are unnecessary, but I want to give you a standing ovation."

Wow. They're out of time so Simon's the only one who says anything; and that says it all.

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