Tuesday, April 28, 2009

who is trevor ariza girlfriend?

Trevor Ariza is among famous in girlfriends. Every one is interesting in looking for who is his current girlfriend. His fans are very keen in looking for his affairs. He is the hottest buzz in U.S.A.

Trevor Ariza full name Trevor Anthony Ariza was born June 30, 1985. Every sports lover know him as an American basketball player in the NBA. There is a debate about the Trevor Ariza’s Girlfriend, rather he has a girlfriend or not, and if he have a girlfriend, then, who is she?.

Some resources give a clue that “Jasmine” has committed to be the girlfriend of Trevor Ariza but it can not be confirmed as there is not even a single photo of “Jasmine”.

When Trevor Ariza was presenting as Dove’s Newest SpokesMAN, a 40 years old lady from Los Angeles claimed to be his wife and also claimed to be the mother of his son.

Trevor Anthony Ariza born on 30 June 1985 in Miami Florida is an American basketball player in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers. His fathers Kenney McClary also use to play at Florida University in 1980’s. Ariza is popular among all players in his team due to his defensive skill. He started his game career from Westchester High School in Los Angeles, there as a junior player he joined NBA players to lead the California State championship. Ariza spend only one year at UCLA then he started with the Knicks under Larry Brown till 2005 after that he was replaced by David Lee.

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