Sunday, April 12, 2009

ivanka trump plastic surgery

Was plastic surgery behind Ivanka Trump’s transformation from ugly duckling to beautiful swan?Ivanka Trump, the artificial blonde offspring of the notorious Donald and Ivana Trump, is an attractive an d smart young woman who works for a living. Being at the limelight, however, she is the unfortunate butt of criticism that her looks have been achieved by the millions of dollars funneled from her father’s bank account towards expensive hairstyles, skincare, makeup, clothes, and a few good plastic surgeries. Some people believe that were she not The Donald’s daughter, she would be mediocre looking. While thi s is probably a bit too harsh of an analysis, there may be some truth to it.

Most of the focus thus far has been on Ivanka’s breast implants being far too big for her frame. Now, quite a few people are asking Make Me Heal to deconstruct Ivanka’s nose and confirm whether it has also been chiseled by a plastic surgeon’s knife.

Photos of Ivanka’s very teeny tiny nose immediately scream nose job. Interestingly, some speculate that Ivanka has not had one, but two nose jobs with the latter one happening in 2006. Back in 1997-1998, when Ivanka first sprang up on the celebrity radar she had a wider bridge and tip and some photos even show a slight unevenness to her nose. Fast forward a few years and Ivanka’s nose is dramatically narrower than the old nose, the bridge is slimmed down, the tip appears raised, and the nose no longer has any imperfections, as evidenced by a perfectly arched nose bridge in profile shots of her. While some people adore this type of perfect-looking nose, other people have said that Ivanka’s nose is far too small for her facial proportions.

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Comparing old and more recent pictures of Ivanka Trump, it seems that there is a size difference on her breast. It is common in breast augmentation where the implant is placed under the chest muscle that they look a bit swollen in the upper pole. It can take several months for the implants to settle or drop, after which they will look smaller and more natural.

ImageWhen breast implants are placed above the muscle, the swelling is less and the upper pole swelling is less as well. Usually just after surgery and for the first six months, breasts will look bigger because of this, and the final look will be achieved in about a year.

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