Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adam Lambert sings "Feeling Good"

See the Adam Lambert Feeling Good video, lyrics here. The Season 8 American Idol finalist delivered a stellar performance. See the video, photos and lyrics here of the Adam Lambert American Idol Rat Pack Night performance.

Adam Lambert sings "Feeling Good" to close "American Idol's" Rat Pack night, with a little "rock edge" he says. Jamie Foxx calls it "totally incredible."

The song has a bouncy 6/8 feel, and Adam, dressed in a white suit, starts simply but quickly vamps it up. It's flashy and sensual, and when Adam goes for the glory note, it's spectacular -- maybe the biggest, longest glory note in Idol history (anybody got a comparison)?

He just looks like a star, all backlit. A very interesting take on the song, is speeding up the tempo at times.

Man, it's another classic Lambert performance--stalks down the stairs, rock music kicks in, he's getting ready to melt this. Is totally on control on the stage; like KISS running full-tilt into Frank Sinatra. Great last note. Not, again, one of his top three, but still memorable as heck and, as always, interesting.

Randy feels he's sounding a like a broken record -- it was a little too theatrical, a little drama-filled -- but he's in the zone. Kara finds him shocking and confusing and sleazy and superb (she's very confused). Paula says words cannot describe: "You make me feel better than good."

Simon says Randy talking about Adam being too theatrical is like complaining that a cow moos. Simon says he gets the feeling that Adam wants to wins, wants to prove a point and wants to entertain. He also thinks it was Adam's best entrance of the year.

Was Adam Lambert's "Feeling Good" sleazy in a good way? A bit over-the-top? As great as Michael Phelps at the Olympics?

Check out the video.

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