Sunday, April 12, 2009

elite model management

Elite Model Managment Under Drug Arrest

Paris, In the news today is the arrest of Bertrand Hennet, chief executive of Elite World, who has been charged with buying and transporting cocaine, in the latest scandal to hit the industry, reports the Telegraph.

Elite Model Management is house to 800 models including supermodels Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell.

"The president of Elite Model Management, Gerald Marie, said that he was "surprised" by the affair but the ex-husband of Linda Evangelista dismissed the arrest as an "epiphenomenon," saying that Mr Hennet had no hand in the day to day running of the agency. Mr Hennet's father, Bernard, bought a controlling stake in Elite World in 2006 and his son deals plays a purely administrative role. "We see him pass through but he has nothing to do with the models and photos and everything we do here," Mr Marie told Le Parisien.

This is not the first time Elite has been the subject of scandal. In 1999, a controversial BBC documentary filmed Mr Marie offering an undercover reporter sex for money. During the programme, model Rebecca Howard, a finalist in the 1994 "Elite Look of the Year" final, said that she was destroyed by drugs supplied by the fashion industry. Although the documentary was subsequently discredited in part, it sent shock waves throughout the industry" writes the Telegraph.

The Marie Claire Espania blog (translated) adds to the 1999 story in that:

"In 1999, an investigative report by the BBC during Fashion Week in Milan found that the girls are pressured (some with only 13 years) for sex and taking drugs. They even got a recording of the then president of the agency, Gerald Marie, saying that it planned to seduce the winner of the Elite Model Look, where the average age of participants was 15 years."

The above Image is from Marie Claire's blog in which (translated): "Sisley said in a press release that it was not an ad campaign itself but in some sick joke from which nobody ever knew who, how or."

Laura Halm Is American Model

Laura Halm is an American model signed with Elite Management. Read Laura Halm’s biography below and see the Elite Model’s video after the jump.

Laura Halm is an American model and newcomer to the industry. Check out Halm’s biography below and see video after the jump.

Laura Halm Biography

As a biography Laura Halm is an American model born into 1989. Halm, a native of Ottawa, Illinois, is known for her sultry pout. She currently resides in New York.

A newcomer to the modeling world Laura Halm was discovered in 2008 while working at a Nordstrom’s. Halm, with light brown hair and blue eyes, stands at 5′9″. She spends her past time cliff jumping.

“It’s a blast! Some people think models are these meek frail skinny little things but they couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to what I love to do outdoors,” Halm explained.

She is currently signed with Elite Model Management in New York.

Elite Chicago Introduces the New Generation

Elite Model Management is one of the biggest names in the modeling industry and they had a reason to celebrate recently! After Elite’s annual ‘model booth camp,’ the agency’s new faces were ready to hit the runway. And, they had beautiful wooden d├ęcor to do exactly that at Manor’s exclusive VIP lounge Stay. The newly-signed models walked a fashion show in front of clients including Factio Magazine/Runway To Retail (yours truly), Seventeen Magazine, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and more. Special guests included Mckey Sullivan (ANTM 2008 Winner) and Nichole Robinson, who are both part of the Elite family.

The dresses showed were by none other than Chicago designer Elise Bergman. The beautifully crafted clothing was executed in a natural light palette with a-symmetric hemlines and the dropped waistlines we love in spring fashion. Jewelry worn was designed by Asia.

Goodie bags were filled up with beauty essentials and gift cards and the after party at Manor was filled with networking. Congratulations girls!

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