Wednesday, April 15, 2009

oksana pochepa And Mel Gibson??

THIS is the Russian pop singer who last night claimed to be the mystery girl blamed for ending MEL GIBSON’s marriage. Sexy OKSANA POCHEPA, 24, says she has fallen for the 53-year-old actor and hopes their love is “strong and long-lasting”.

Russian popstar Oksana Pochepa admits she was the girl photographed frolicking with Mel Gibson on a beach, and adds that she has fallen for the actor. Pochepa says she is smitten by the actor and hopes their love is “strong and long-lasting”. Just weeks after the snaps were published, the movie legend’s wife Robyn Gibson, 52, filed for divorce.

Smitten Oksana, who first hit the Russian charts aged 13, said yesterday: “This is serious and I hope that our union will be real and strong and long-lasting.

“We are different people, but Mel is a grown man and knows precisely what he wants and me too — I know what I want.”
The singer, who is also a model, claimed to have visited Mel on the set of a movie in Boston last summer. But she added the two were not yet ready to go public with details of their love. She said: “I would not like to say more right now.”
“I would not like to say more right now,” she said. Pochepa spoke out after the reports blamed Mrs Gibson’s divorce suit on “a Russian musician called Oksana”. Some reports had suggested the Russian classical pianist Oksana Kolesnikova as the women behind Gibsons’ divorce.

But married Kolesnikova, 31, last night angrily denied being linked to the star. “I have no idea how this mistake has been made. I feel very upset,” she said. “The only explanation is that the names Oksana have been confused. It is a very popular name in Russia,” she added.

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